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How Trail can help your mobile game

Use case

Your next growth opportunity

Find new significant growth for your
mobile game on the desktop web.

→ Perfect attribution & retargeting

→ High-LTV users

→ Ultra-scalable with a TAM of 2.2bn active desktop web users

→ Low ad-bidding competition

Growth Chart

Case study

Game Insight brought Airport City to Trail




RPC (D14)


Paying share (D14)


Payer retention (D60)

Airport City Laptop

Quotation StartTrail unlocks blue ocean distribution across desktop for both PC and Mac and lets everyone scale beyond mobile.Quotation End

Anatolijs Ropotovs

Anatolijs Ropotovs

CEO Game Insight

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Use case

Build a cross-platform presence

Users should play your game at work.
Not solitaire.

  • → Increase playtime and LTV by enabling users to play while they are on desktop
  • → Reduce churn due to players moving to other games when yours is not available.
Use Case - Enable Users
Use Case - Increase Margins

Increase margins on your existing whales

Enable your mobile users to monetize on Trail where you earn 30% more on each transaction thanks to our generous revenue share on pre-existing users.

Don’t let Apple keep a stranglehold on your EBITDA

The users you have in App Store’s walled garden are not yours. What happens when Apple decides that your game does not fit their mold? Let’s fix that.

  • → Protect your userbase by bringing your existing whales cross-platform.
Use Case - EBITDA

Game companies are already expanding to desktop

Game Company quotesGame Company quotes
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