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Demanding mobile games playable on the web

In less than 3 weeks of development time

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The complete package for targeting
the web

  • → Stable, consistent, and high performance across all browsers via Trail Game Player™.

  • → Deep Unity integration.

  • → Everything solved. Payments, VAT/GST, hosting, and more.

Trail Game Player™

Give the best experience to your users

Trail's WebGL player ensures that your game can deliver the full experience you've put so much effort into crafting.

Top performance across all devices

Your users will play on anything from inexpensive Chromebooks to high-end gaming rigs. Trail ensures that your game delivers the maximum experience regardless of device.

  • Trail Post-Processing™ of uploaded game builds to squeeze out every last bit of performance.
  • Trail Cache™ reduces the memory footprint of your game.
  • → Adaptive quality to maximize performance while maintaining visual effect.

Games load in seconds, not minutes

It takes mere seconds for your users to lose interest and move their attention elsewhere. Trail prevents that by ensuring your game loads instantaneously and without delay.

  • → Trail's file-streaming enables users to launch immediately and load the game on-demand while playing.
  • Trail Cache™ correctly persists your game assets locally. Download once, play forever.
  • → Best-in-class compression through Trail Post-Processing™.
  • Trail Loader™ provides the best loading experience available.

A fully immersive experience, on-par with native

Increase playtime by providing your users with a fully immersive experience that makes them forget about Facebook for a while.

  • → Enforce Fullscreen, Keyboard Lock and Pointer Lock at will
  • → Adapted controls for each browser

Build and deploy

Your development team will thank you

Trail is the first to streamline Unity WebGL development for professionals. Build, run and collaborate on game builds through Trail.

Easiest way to build your Unity game for the web

  • ✅ Trail’s Unity Editor Extension allows you to build, upload and run games directly from Unity.
  • ✅ 18+ performance issues and crashes resolved by Trail’s build servers.
  • ✅ Resolve dozens of common WebGL issues in the editor.
Built for Unity
Built for Unity

Spend time on your game instead of never-ending browser issues

Monthly browser updates and quarterly Unity updates regularly break the game experience and introduces crashes and performance issues.

Trail’s team is fully dedicated to detecting and preventing breaking changes caused by Unity and browser vendors.

Coordinate across functions

  • ✅ Trail’s Game Manager allows your team to coordinate on new game releases.
  • ✅ Release new game builds several times per day.
  • ✅ Update game page and store presence.
Coordinate Across

Ready to scale

Trail’s platform makes scaling your game a breeze. Break into new geographies and pump up your user numbers without the administrative headache.

Monetize through in-game purchases worldwide

  • Trail Payments™ gateway supports credit card purchases in 234 countries and 100 currencies. PayPal and LPMs coming soon.
  • ✅ VAT and sales tax taken care of (Merchant of Record).
  • ✅ As well as region-specific pricing and currencies, invoicing rules, refunds, and various legal issues arising from global payments.
Built for Unity

Lightning-fast delivery and zero upkeep

Cloudflare LogoAkamai Logo
  • Trail Cloud™️ employs top-tier CDNs to serve games at lightning speed across the globe.
  • → Easily deploy new game builds and LiveOps without the DevOps overhead.

Power up user acquistions and optimize conversions

  • ✅ Integration-ready for your custom analytics/ads stack with Facebook Pixel and GTM support and fully intact attribution data.
  • ✅ Uncover potential performance bottlenecks with Trail Analytics™ performance metrics.
  • ✅ Browser tracking policies (CORS, CORP, COEP, COOP, CORB) taken care of.
Analytics and Conversion

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